PATIENT RIGHTS.

                      As a patient of kilome mnh hospital you have the following rights.

  • Considerate and respectable care, respect to your cultural, psychosocial, spiritual, beliefs, personal value and preferences.
  • To be provided services of an interpreter at no cost if needed.
  • To know the name of the health care provides who has primary responsibilities of coordinating your care and any other physician or non-physician who is taking care of you.
  • Have a family member or any other person of your choosing and your physician notified promptly of your admission.
  • Receive information about your health status, diagnosis, plan of treatment, outcome of care including the unanticipated outcome, ask question about your care, raise issues of ethics and any information regarding your illness.
  • Make decision regarding your medical care and receive information on any intended investigation and change of treatment in order to give consent or deny. This will not apply in case of emergencies.
  • Request or refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law. However this will not be allowed for any form to endanger your life.
  • Leave kilome mnh hospital against the advice of health care providers to the extent permitted by law.
  • Be advised if your care provider want to engage you in any form of research related to your health, treatment or outcome. You have the right to refuse.
  • Have the right to appropriate evaluation and management of pain whereby the tactics will have to be explained and you have the right to refuse.
  • May formulate an advance care directive whereby you get somebody to make decision on your behalf only that the decision must exist in writing or through a lawyer but also to an exited permitted by law.
  • Have your personal privacy respected, you have the right to know the role of any person present and any procedure performed, you have also the right to restrict visitors to your bed or rooms, such visitors should be staff or non-staff or relative.
  • Receive care in safe settings, free from mental, physical, verbal, sexual abuse, neglect, exploitation or harassment; you have the right to access to protective and advocacy services including notifying government agencies of neglect or abuse.
  • Be free from restraints and seclusion of any form used as means of coercion, discipline, convenience or retaliation by staff.
  • Be informed by the clinicians/physician or the delegate on the issue of confirmation of health care upon discharge.
  • Know what rules and policies apply to your conduct as a patient.
  • Designate visitors of your choosing including who to be present in case of emotional support. This will not apply where no visitors allowed or you have told the healthy facility that you no longer want a particular visitor. However kmnh may limit visitation to the best interest of your health care.
  • Examine and receive an explanation of kmnh bill regardless of the source of payments.
  • File a complaint to the management of kilome mnh hospital or the Kenya medical practitioners and dentist board.   


  • As a patient of kilome mnh hospital you have the following responsibilities.
  • To be consideration of the kmnh hospital facilities and equipment and use them in a manner so as not to abuse them.
  • To respect the rights and property of the other patients. Should not interfere with the other patients privacy, restrict use of telephones,television,should not smoke or make noise, should not encourage visitors in a manner to disturb other patients, do not touch the property of other patients.
  • To conduct yourself in a respectable manner in communication and interaction to the staff of kmnh hospital.
  • To report to the best of your knowledge, accurate and complete information regarding any matters touching your health to the physician   and other health care professionals who are taking care of you.
  • To co-operate with the kmnh members of the health care teams who provides care of you. Such teams are the ward round team, pain management team and others.
  • To follow the treatment plan recommended by your care physician including all instructions given to the other care workers and team.
  • To understand how you will continue with your care as you leave the kmnh hospital.
  • To accept the consequences of your own decisions.
  • To keep appointments and co-operate with the health care provider.
  • To pay your bills promptly to ensure that your financial obligations for your health care are fulfilled.
  • To provide kmnh hospital with a copy of your advance health care directive if you have.

                      YOUR HEALTH OUR PRIDE