We are accredited and contracted by NHIF treat all their hospitalized members at a flat rate of Ksh 2500 per patient per day e.g. a patient treated for Malaria for 3 days pays Kshs. 7500.00 only i.e. less than 8 dollars.

A mother who deliveries in the hospital and stays  for 48 hours pays 6000/= . This is one of the medical services we offer which makes us a community-based hospital serving the community at no extra cost as a similar patient treated in a government hospital will pay the same amount.

These payments are what sustain the services we provide up to the village level in the community. We provide and promote free in-patient treatment to NHIF as part of our community primary health care support.

We also waive hospital fees for the economically disadvantaged persons and donating relief foods to the vulnerable groups in term of health care. Immunization to under five years children,T.B testing & Treatment, domestic violence injuries treatment and care of pregnant mothers  are also provided free of charge at our hospital as part of free community health care services