An empowered and enriched sustainable Kenyan society with good health through a stead fast community primary health care services


Enhancing steadfast Community Primary Healthcare for the marginalized and vulnerable families through systematic well- planned advocacy, awareness creation, training and innovative health intervention in partnership with government agencies donors, NGOs, FBO, the general public and other private sectors to the achievement and other sustainability of good health in the Kenyan society

Core Values

Prepared to effectively provide primary health services with partners as community Integrated Communicable Disease Surveillance andResponse Managers.

Our core principles are that: together, we can bring hope in health for communities and save a life build future in all its fullness

Strategic Goals

To empower the marginalized and vulnerable individuals in the community to become active and productive members and improve living standards of their families to help reduce incidents of recurrent diseases.


Localization of Millennium Development Goals in primary health care services:-

– Malaria

– Tuberculosis

– HIV/Aids and STD’s

– Accidents

– Other common diseases in the community such as diarrhea .typhoid .cholera

– Global partnerships in health development and supportive health services.

Enhancing advocacy and capacity building on compulsory free primary health care service of marginalized and vulnerable groups and communities in Kenya through the adaptation of health communication in behaviour change especially in the context of promoting a good health, preventing illness and protecting people from harm.